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Thai Cooking: Spring rolls & steamed rice-skin dumplings

Since I came to Thailand last week I have been enjoying eating and cooking Thai food. I tried new recipes for appitizers. My husband also has a happy belly everyday ^-^

Yesterday I did “Por Piah” (spring roll) and shrimp wraps. Today I made “Sa Khoo Sai Moo” (tapioca balls w/chicken filling & “Kao Giab Pak Mor” (steamed rice-skin dumpling) . These are healthy appetizers. I used clear noodles, mushroom, carrot, cabbage, spice and chicken for stuff for spring roll. I also used ground pork, ground peanut, dice sweet daikon and spices for Sa Khoo Sai Moo & Kao giab Pak Mor. I put on a light coating of garlic oil on dumplilings to prevent them from sticking to each other.

If you’re vegetarian, you can use mushroom and fried tofu instead of using meat. Bon Appetite!

Making filling for spring rolls

wrapping spring rolls

Making rice skin dumpking w/ pork filling inside

finished rice skin dumpking

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