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Papaya Salad – Som Tam

Som Tam (Papaya Salad)

Som Tam (Papaya Salad)

This week I feel like eating sour spicy food so let’s make Papaya Salad! This classic Thai papaya salad has such a healthy, rich flavor and requires only few main ingredients:
– papaya,
– lime/tamarind
– fish sauce
– Thai chilis
– garlic
– tomatoes
– dry shrimps

Papaya Salad called “Som Tam” in Thai language, is an iconic dish of Thai Cuisine. Its usually made with unripe papaya, but sometime I used green mango, or even granny smith apples instead. It’s just important to get that crunchy base for the dish.

Som tam is popular throughout the entire country of Thailand, although there are several variations that are typically found in certain areas. Usually it’s eaten with sticky rice and grilled chicken. And som tam is a perfect choice for a meal for person who wants diet like me 🙂

Pad Siew Noodles

I tried a new recipe for Pad Siew noodles with pork today and it came out very good. I love noodles, and this is one of my favorite Thai noodle dishes.

Pad Siew Noodles

Pad Siew w/pork

Pad Siew noodles is a stir-fry noodle dish that shows a heavy Chinese influence. Cooked quickly in a very hot wok, this is typical for Thai dishes whose names begin with “pad” – which literally means “stir-fried.”

I made it with extra large dried rice noodles, eggs, Chinese broccoli and sweet soy sauce. Restaurants in Thailand typically use freshly made noodles, but it’s hard to find the fresh ones elsewhere.

Red curry Lunch

We had a relatives visit today and they love Thai food. So I thought to myself, “What should I cook for them?”

I realized that I haven’t made red curry since we came back from Thailand. So I made a red curry with sliced chicken, Thai eggplant, yellow bell peppers and sweet Thai basil leaves.

I put some chunks of pumpkin in there just because I absolutely love pumpkin, and it goes very well with red or green curry. I served it hot, in these cute little serving bowls, with jasmine rice of course.

And for a little extra kick I used some of my frozen red curry paste that I brought back from Thailand. It came out delicious and smooth and just the right amount of spicy!!!

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