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Crispy Salmon in basil sauce

Today I feel like eating whole snapper in basil sauce, like I ate with my family during our recent Thailand trip. This is one of my favorite dishes, but of course requires a trip to go buy a fresh fish.

I’m too lazy to go out for grocery shopping so I looked in the freezer. What I found is “salmon” so I thought, “why not?” I came up with my own twist “Patt’s crispy salmon in basil sauce” recipe and began to cook it.

Crispy salmon in basil sauce

Crispy salmon in basil sauce

I lightly floured the salmon and pan fried it until it was golden brown and crispy. While it was cooking I made spicy basil sauce, and added mushrooms and bell peppers to mix together with the sauce. Then, I added the salmon and stir fried with other ingredients briefly. Garnished with basil leaves and served with warm white rice!

My husband and I really enjoyed this, so I’m sharing it with you. I can’t wait to try this again soon it was so good!

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