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Spicy fun Thai cooking class in Ft. Lauderdale

Patti teaching Thai Cooking Class

Patti teaching Thai Cooking Class

Held a great cooking class at Oakland Park, in Broward last Thursday. Thanks to Chef Jean Peirre – he’s a great chef and always a good entertainer… He really brightens up the room.

This class was less noisy, a good crowd with very attentive and interested students. I saw some students taking notes, capturing every detail of what I explained.

Luckily I was be able to get Kaprao, better known as Holy basil. It’s peppery, and gives a spicy flavor to the dish; perfect for drunken noodles.

Salmon came out perfect! This was the best dish of the night. At least 3 people came to tell me that they like my Choo Chee curry salmon dish so much, even though they said they don’t like salmon.

Now that’s what I call a spicy success!

Let’s make Tom Yum Goong for cold nights

Tom Yum Goong ingredients

Tom Yum Goong is one of the most popular Thai soups. I really like Tom Yum Goong because it includes all the flavor components that I like – sour, spicy, and a little bit salty. We usually make this with prawns, but you can use any kind of seafood or chicken really.

This is one of recipes that gets requested the most, from my Japanese friends when I was in Japan, and from local friends here in South Florida now, so I put it in my Thai cooking class last week.

All the ingredients used in this soup are good for you and have many health benefits.

  • Kaffir lime leaf  or “Makrut” (มะกรูด) in Thai has benefits for blood, helps increase the circulation
  • Lemongrass or “Takrai” (ตะไคร้)- has benefits for digestive system, helps boost immune system, reduces uric acid, detoxify the liver and pancreas
  • Galangal or “Kha” (ข่า) in Thai helps promote better blood circulation, protect against risk of cancers, stop motion sickness/sea sick, cure hiccups, cold, diarrhea and more

My family likes to eat Tom Yum Goong with white rice, but I like to cook with noodles sometimes. When you make Tom Yum Goong, you can use the same ingredients to make Tom Kha Kai also. Stay tuned 🙂

Tom Yum Goong - sour & spicy soup with prawn

Tom Yum Goong - sour & spicy soup with prawn

Thai Cooking Class in Miami Beach

I just gave a Thai cooking class in Miami Beach on Thursday, in a gorgeous private residence on the island. It was a small group, very intimate, and very informal.

Thai Cooking Class, Miami Beach

Thai Cooking Class, Miami Beach

It was actually a demo & hands-on combination, so it was more casual and relaxing than a big group in a classroom setting.  Everyone was more able to interact and ask questions. I shared what I know about the Thai dishes and we shared laughs … so much FUN 🙂
We cooked Papaya Salad (Som Tam), Green Curry with shrimp, Drunken Noodles (Pad Kee Mao) and Thai Tea…

Hor Mok (Steamed Red Curry Cake) ห่อหมกมาแล้วจ้า

Hor Mok (Steamed red curry cake in banana leaf)

Hor Mok (Steamed red curry cake in banana leaf)

Today I tried a Hor Mok (Steamed red curry cake with salmon in banana leaf) recipe from my mom. This is a family recipe, that we got from our relatives, that has been used for generations in Chon Buri province. Thai people like to use white fishes such as snapper, snakehead fish (ปลาช่อน), tilapia (ปลานิล), grouper, red snapper.

Since we live in South Florida, there are always plenty of good seafood choices. I like to get fresh seafood from a local seafood market, but today we got fresh salmon from Costco.

Hor Mok ingredients

I choose Salmon to make my Hor Mok today, and it came out great. I would like to try with mixed seafood next time. I’m sure it’ll be just as great, but benefit from more variety.

I tried to make this as close as I could to what they make in Thailand so I started by making bowls from banana leaves to serve the Hor Mok . If you don’t have banana leaf, you can use a ramekin also. Then put fresh Thai sweet basil and sliced cabbage on the bottom.
I think I will add this to my Thai cooking classes in the future. Aroi maak maak!

Sawasdee ka ^O^

Thai Cooking Class on April 21st, Ft. Lauderdale

Thai cooking class on April 21 at Ft. Lauderdale

I’m going to do another Ft. Lauderdale Thai cooking class next week. The last one was fun and successful, so I’m returning to Chef Jean-Pierre’s cooking studio in Fort Lauderdale with yet another Thai curry.

Come see us next week for the next installment on April 21st. I’m so excited to share a new recipe for “Choo Chee Curry” and one of my old favorite recipes for Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles) People usually love both of these classic Thai dishes, so I’m pretty confident about how it’s gonna turn out 🙂

Here’s the menu:

– Som Tam ( Papaya Salad)

Choo Chee Curry with salmon

– Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle)

– Thai Tea

There are still some seats available, you can sign up here here >>


Choo Chee Curry with salmon

Choo Chee Red Curry w/Salmon แกงฉู่ฉี่แซลมอน

Choo Chee Red Curry w/Salmon แกงฉู่ฉี่แซลมอน

This is Salmon Choo Chee Curry from my Thai cooking class yesterday. It is one of my favorite curry dishes. I found it’s a very yummy, healthy and sexy dish. It’s just the perfect dish to serve in a fine dining situation for a couple, a big party or even a group of 5-6 friends.

You might wonder how Choo Chee Curry is different from regular Thai Red Curry. I found out that the difference is the proportion of herbal ingredients used. Choo Chee curry is made using more of kaffir lime zest (ผิวมะกรูด), but red curry is made using more coriander seed (เม็ดผักชี) and cumin (ยี่หร่า) in the curry paste. That’s why kaffir lime leaves are so crucial when you make Choo Chee Curry.

Choo Chee curry is also thicker than red curry, and it’s often used with fish or seafood like shrimp. You can use either meat or seafood in Red Curry. Seafood is plentiful in South Florida, so for my cooking class in Fort Lauderdale I use seafood!

The only ingredients you’ll need for Choo Chee Curry are fresh salmon (I like wild alaskan salmon), creamy coconut milk, and lots of kaffir lime leaves. Of course you want to season the curry with Thai fish sauce and sugar. I dress up the dish with steamed asparagus. It looks pretty and crunchy aroi maak ka^^

p.s. aroi means delicious, yummy, tasty in Thai language.



Thai Meetup on April 15 @Nakama, Deerfield Beach

Thai Meetup, April 15th @Nakama

Thai Meetup, April 15th @Nakama

Join us for small gathering “The love of Thai food” at Nakama in Deerfield Beach. This is your opportunity to eat authentic homemade Thai cuisine. Patti says, “This place has some of the best authentic Thai food in South Florida”

Here’s what on the menu:


  • Pad Kana Moo Krob (Thai stir-fried chinese broccoli with crispy pork)
  • Nam Kraduk Moo (North eastern style pork dish)


  • Pad Thai Noodles – the delicious Thai noodle classic topped with crushed peanuts.
  • Pla Rad Prik  – gourmet fried fish entree with delicious basil sauce. Crispy fried basil leaves are the perfect complement in this classic Thai treat
  • Nakama’s Panang Curry

Drinks : Soda or refillable iced tea.

All attendees are required to purchase tickets to participate in the event.  Tickets cost $20 plus tax and include everything including gratuity. Tickets available until 12 seats are sold.


Be sure to mention the name of attendees so we can print in a beautiful name label.

Patti, Organizer

Green Curry Pasta

Just fixed a quick dinner for a busy day. I opened the fridge after working all day, and saw leftover green curry with chicken, but no rice or kanom jeen (Thai rice ball noodles)

I was too hungry to cook rice and have to wait another 25 minutes to eat. So I saw spaghetti and came up with this dish “Green Curry with pasta”. I added shrimp, mini bell red/orange/yellow peppers,  Thai eggplants and fresh Thai sweet basil. Aroi ka ^. 〜


Green Curry with pasta

Green Curry with pasta

Healthy Pad Woonsen

Today I don’t feel like to eat any meat, but need to add protein in my meal so I made Vegetarian Pad Woonsen or stir fried noodles with clear noodles, white eggs, mushroom, broccoli, cucumber. Seasoning with chinese soy sauce and tomato sauce. Enjoy your meal ^^


Lad Na Noodles ก๋วยเตี๋ยวราดหน้า

This is one of my favorite noodle dishes, called “Lad Na”.  It can be made with many different sizes of noodles ranging from wide to very skinny like vermicelli.

Lad Na noodles

Lad Na noodles

This is a Chinese fusion Thai noodle dish, with a gravy made from stock and starch. First stir-fry fresh noodles and seasoning with sweet soy sauce. If using dry noodles, the noodles need to be soaked for at least one hour.

Marinate your pork in thick sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce, white pepper and flour for 20 minutes. Then saute marinated pork in the frying pan or wok with Chinese broccoli and stock to make gravy sauce.  Serve over noodles and season the noodles with sugar, fish sauce, chili flakes, and vinegar to taste.

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