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Choo Chee Curry with salmon

Choo Chee Red Curry w/Salmon แกงฉู่ฉี่แซลมอน

Choo Chee Red Curry w/Salmon แกงฉู่ฉี่แซลมอน

This is Salmon Choo Chee Curry from my Thai cooking class yesterday. It is one of my favorite curry dishes. I found it’s a very yummy, healthy and sexy dish. It’s just the perfect dish to serve in a fine dining situation for a couple, a big party or even a group of 5-6 friends.

You might wonder how Choo Chee Curry is different from regular Thai Red Curry. I found out that the difference is the proportion of herbal ingredients used. Choo Chee curry is made using more of kaffir lime zest (ผิวมะกรูด), but red curry is made using more coriander seed (เม็ดผักชี) and cumin (ยี่หร่า) in the curry paste. That’s why kaffir lime leaves are so crucial when you make Choo Chee Curry.

Choo Chee curry is also thicker than red curry, and it’s often used with fish or seafood like shrimp. You can use either meat or seafood in Red Curry. Seafood is plentiful in South Florida, so for my cooking class in Fort Lauderdale I use seafood!

The only ingredients you’ll need for Choo Chee Curry are fresh salmon (I like wild alaskan salmon), creamy coconut milk, and lots of kaffir lime leaves. Of course you want to season the curry with Thai fish sauce and sugar. I dress up the dish with steamed asparagus. It looks pretty and crunchy aroi maak ka^^

p.s. aroi means delicious, yummy, tasty in Thai language.



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