Spicy fun Thai cooking class in Ft. Lauderdale | Thai Cooks!

Spicy fun Thai cooking class in Ft. Lauderdale

Patti teaching Thai Cooking Class

Patti teaching Thai Cooking Class

Held a great cooking class at Oakland Park, in Broward last Thursday. Thanks to Chef Jean Peirre – he’s a great chef and always a good entertainer… He really brightens up the room.

This class was less noisy, a good crowd with very attentive and interested students. I saw some students taking notes, capturing every detail of what I explained.

Luckily I was be able to get Kaprao, better known as Holy basil. It’s peppery, and gives a spicy flavor to the dish; perfect for drunken noodles.

Salmon came out perfect! This was the best dish of the night. At least 3 people came to tell me that they like my Choo Chee curry salmon dish so much, even though they said they don’t like salmon.

Now that’s what I call a spicy success!

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