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Thai Meetup @Hamachi, Coral Springs

We just had a Thai Meetup at Hamachi, a newly opened Thai-Sushi restaurant in Coral Springs. I am very impressed with their Thai food especially Lad Nar noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวราดหน้า) and Drunken noodles (ผัดขี้เมา), both made with fresh noodles. The Lad Nar had the taste just like I used to eat in Thailand. Kudos to Tony who hosted this event last week.

Hamachi gets the Thai Cooks seal of approval for good taste! Here are some pictures from that Thai Meetup.

We suggest Singha beer with Thai spicy food^^

We suggest Singha beer with Thai spicy food^^

Drunken noodles ผัดขี้เมา (pad-kee-mao)

Thai Spicy Seafood Salad

Thai Spicy Seafood Salad ยำทะเล

Panang Curry

Panang Curry พะแนงไก่

Pad Thai Noodles

Pad Thai Noodles ผัดไทย

Tweeting after delicious meal

Tweeting after delicious meal

Thai food lovers

Thai food lovers

Thai Fried Rice ข้าวผัด

Thai Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice

I made Thai fried rice couple days ago from a bunch of leftover stuff in the fridge. I used white rice, chicken, egg, tomatoes, onion, lime and scallion.

This is one of my husband’s favorite menus. Thai Traditional fried rice is simple and delicious just the way it is.

Tip: the perfect rice to cook fried rice is leftover rice from the day before. Refrigerate and you can use it the next day for wonderful fried rice. I’ll update the recipe later, but let’s just say for now that you can substitute the main ingredient to be pork or crab and it’ll be an easy-to-make and tasty treat 🙂

Thai Tea ชาเย็น

I like to start my afternoon with this refreshing Thai Tea (Cha-Yen) ชาเย็น with condense milk or fresh milk. For today’s version, I made bubble tea drinks out of it…yummy!

Thai Tea with bubbles

Thai Tea with bubbles


Next time, I think I will make Thai iced coffee with milk and bubbles. It’s easy to make. Just buy Thai Tea leaves from Asian grocery and let them steep in boiling water, then add sugar to taste.

Homemade carrot cake

Homemade carrot cake with roaste walnut

Homemade carrot cake with roaste walnut

Anyone wants our freshly baked homemade carrot cake with roasted walnut? This is one of our favorite cakes that we never tried of it. Let’s have a bite!

Thai Cooking Class, Ft. Lauderdale

Thai Cooking Class, Ft. Lauderdale

Thai Cooking Class, Ft. Lauderdale

I recently got an opportunity to teach Thai cooking classes with Chef Jean Pierre. I went there in Feb and April and went through the steps to cook some Thai classics. It was so much fun and had lots of interested people in the house – I just loved it.

Here is the menu we covered in the first class on Feb 4th

    Papaya Salad (Som Tam),
    Green Curry with rice noodles
    Tao Huay Fruit Salad ( Milk pudding w/tropical fruit)

Can’t wait to schedule more Thai cooking classes – stay tuned:)

Lunch Meetup at Thai Delight, Deerfield Beach

We recently had a special lunch meeting with our good friends Christine, from, and Chef Tulio, executive chef at Andrews of Boca Raton. We ate at the Thai Delight restaurant located in the strip mall on the NW corner of Hillsboro and Military Trail.

Since I’ve lived in South Florida, I have been going to this restaurant from time to time. They have been in business for more than a decade. It’s a family-owned and operated restaurant, run by a well educated couple who were teachers in a famous private school in Bangkok.

I like eating curries there because they have a strong herb flavor and authentic taste. You can’t imagine the delicious meal the four of us enjoyed 🙂

Here’s the menu:

Satay –  grilled chicken served with fresh peanut and cucumber sauce.

Satay Chicken

Shrimp in Blanket – Deep fried shrimp spring rolls stuffed with chicken, cliantro and garlic served with plum sauce.

Shrimp in Blanket

Curry Puff – Ground chicken, onions and curry powder wrapped in spring roll wrappers

Curry Puff

Thai Steamed Dumpling – stuffed with shrimp, chicken, water chestnuts, shiitake mushroom, scallion, served with special sauce or sri racha sauce

Steamed dumpling, photo by Christine Najac

Green Curry Shrimp – Shrimp, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, fresh basil leaves in green curry served over rice.

Shrimp Green Curry

Green Curry Shrimp

Pad Kee Mao – Stir fried noodled with chicken, basil sauce and fresh basil leaves. Thai spicy dishes are perfect compatible with Thai Singha Beer!


Spicy Noodles (Pad Kee Mao), photo by Christine Najac

Fish Ginger – Steamed fish with fresh sliced ginger, celery, carrot


Fish with Ginger Sauce

We got a sweet treat from Thai Delight for dessert. It was that Thai standard – homemade mango with sticky rice. A really nice touch was that I could smell the fragrance of jasmine water in the sticky rice. It makes remind of sweet sticky rice I used to eat in Chonburi, my mom’s hometown 🙂

Mango with sweet sticky rice

ยำปลาดุกฟู: Crispy catfish w/green mango salad

Yum Pla Duk Foo (ยำปลาดุกฟู) is one of my sisters’ favorite salad dishes. They can snack on it all day long without eating rice.

crispy catfish salad with shredded green mango

During my Thailand visit, my mom and I used to buy crispy catfish salad with shredded green mango at the morning market after offering  alms to monks.

You can cook it at home, but it’s labor intensive and costs more to buy all ingredients: fried catfish, shallot, garlic, green mango, chilies, lime, fish sauce, sugar and cooking oil.

So we  just bought from the vendors and it’s easy to find on Bangkok street. We just mix all ingredients together and serve. It cost about $2.


Thai Meetup at Siam Cuisine


Yes – we returned to Siam Cuisine for another great dinner with friends. Siam Cuisine is the oldest Thai Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, and they like to keep their customers happy!

First they served us som tam, that classic Thai papaya salad. We got some spicy and some that was not spicy, for those who like it hot!som tamEveryone got a choice of entrees: panang curry, Siam chicken, pad thai with chicken and/or shrimp or vegetarian dish.

grouper_red_curry Delicious Grouper in red curry   Photo by Tom House

Chicken in basil sauce

Shrimp Panang Curry Shrimp Panang Curry    Photo by Tom House

Can’t wait to return to this place really soon, I remember their lobster pad thai is just to die for!Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp


Tom from snack ting Thai raw chilies^^


Looking forwad to the next Thai Meetup.


Banana in Coconut Milk กล้วยบวชชี

Banana in coconut milk
Banana in coconut milk

Banana in coconut milk

It’s hard to find the almost ripe bananas that are just perfect for making this banana in coconut milk dish.

It’s called Gluay Buat Chee (กล้วยบวชชี) in Thai. Gluay means banana. Buat means ordain, Chee means nun. Literally it means banana becomes ordained when it’s soaked in coconut milk, like a Thai nun wearing white robes.

To make this delicious kind of dessert, the variety of banana is very important. When I can get Gluay Nam Wa (Cultivated Banana) กล้วยน้ำว้า  this particular banana at the Thai grocery, I don’t miss the opportunity to make this dessert. There are many variety of banana in Thailand and Gluay Nam Wa is the perfect kind for this dessert.

You want to use the unripe one so it won’t get too soft. It should still have a little firmness so you can chew it and the texture makes this dessert more pleasant.

Glauy Nam Wa

Thai Banana - Glauy Nam Wa

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