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Grass Jelly with JackFruit

I’m so happy today because I’m going to eat this Thai dessert called grass jelly/herbal jelly “Chao Guay” (เฉาก๊วย) Just the thing after a long, busy day today in South Florida. Chao Guay is a jelly-like dessert and popular in South East Asia especially in Thailand.  Jackfruit  ขนุน (pronounced as “Ka Noon” in Thai)  is a popular fruit in South East Asia also.

I was so lucky to get this jackfruit variety from a friend in Miami this week. She told me that she smuggled this variety from Thailand years ago – ha ha ha… And now her tree is loaded with giant jackfruits the size of soccer balls.

Grass Jelly w/ Jackfruit Jampa variety

Grass Jelly w/ Jackfruit Jampa variety

My mom and I have the same habit – we like to put our own twist on traditional foods. Like today, I added jackfruit “Jampa” (ขนุนจําปา) in there. It’s very hard to find this Jampa variety even in Thailand! We call it “Jack Fruit Jampa” because it has yellow-orange color just like Jampa flower’s color. It tastes sweeter than regular Jackfruit variety.

I heard it is easy to grow Jackfruit trees here in South FL, so I kept the seeds to give my friends to grow this Summer. Hope we can eat this jackfruit more and more in the coming years ^^

Jackfruit tree with fruits

Jackfruit tree with fruits

2 Responses to Grass Jelly with JackFruit

  1. mdw says:

    looks unusual but it tastes like chewing gum to me – I like it 🙂

  2. patti says:

    Yes, it has great aroma, delicious and gummy!

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