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Patti’s Pasta

Yesterday I started making some pasta sauce from some nice fresh tomatoes. All ingredients for homemade tomoto sauce are 2 fresh tomatoes, olive oil, then add salt, oregano, sugar, Sriracha sauce to taste. I cooked tomatoes until boiled then blend in the mixer. That’s it.  The sauce alone would have been delicious enough. But then I used the tomato sauce with a hint of sri ratcha to make my not-so-famous “Patti’s pasta” dish. What’s in Patti’s Pasta you ask?


Into yesterday’s batch I put fried pork, scrambled egg, onion, carrots, scallion and a little bit of half-half. I served with pasta shells and it was so good. We ate the whole batch ^^

My Thai Edible Garden

My Thai edible garden did so well this year!

Top left – Thai holy basil which loves sun and moderate amounts of water. Grows well in soil, but not so great in a planter! I need this for my stir fry dishes.

Top right – Thai chilies loves cool weather and sun, but not too much water. Once they start growing it’s like a chili explosion – every day I go and pick a handful. And always need to cut the plant back, or it will crowd out it’s neighbors.

Bottom left – Chaplu little sun and medium water. Don’t see much of this around here, so it’s nice to have a place to get it when I want some.

Bottom right – Thai sweet basil doesn’t need Nuch sun and water. Easy to grow everywhere.

I also have galangal, Thai red basil and more. I’m so lucky the weather here is similar to Thailand so I can grow the herbs and other plants that I want to use for my cooking!

Spicy basil fried rice with beef


I just made Spicy basil fried rice with beef. I have so much Thai basil growing out back that I need to use it. And since I had rice leftover from yesterday, it seemed like the perfect choice for dinner.

My family loved this dish, and so did I. The beef was the star of this entree, but the basil gave it a wonderful flavor.


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