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My Thai Edible Garden

My Thai edible garden did so well this year!

Top left – Thai holy basil which loves sun and moderate amounts of water. Grows well in soil, but not so great in a planter! I need this for my stir fry dishes.

Top right – Thai chilies loves cool weather and sun, but not too much water. Once they start growing it’s like a chili explosion – every day I go and pick a handful. And always need to cut the plant back, or it will crowd out it’s neighbors.

Bottom left – Chaplu little sun and medium water. Don’t see much of this around here, so it’s nice to have a place to get it when I want some.

Bottom right – Thai sweet basil doesn’t need Nuch sun and water. Easy to grow everywhere.

I also have galangal, Thai red basil and more. I’m so lucky the weather here is similar to Thailand so I can grow the herbs and other plants that I want to use for my cooking!

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