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Thai steamed egg custard 茶碗蒸し

I have so many eggs in the fridge so I come up with this easy quick menu “Steamed egg custard” or Kai Tun ไข่ตุ๋น in Thai. I used only eggs whites with Better than egg product because I ate too many eggs this week.

1. I add 2 white eggs in the bowl and beat them, then add more 1cup of Better than egg product.
2. Season with 1 tsp of fish sauce and mushroom soy sauce. Add small pieces of leftover grilled chicken and chives.
3. Put the bowl in the steamer and cook for 20-25 mins.
4. Take the bowl of steamed egg custard out and garnish with fried garlic.
5. Served with steamed rice. Aroi Ka^^.


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