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Spicy Mixed Seafood Pasta

Had to come up with something special for a “foodie” party last week, and this was the result. Tri-color fettuccine with loads of fresh mixed seafood. It was a hit. I mean, check it out below — does this look like a party pleaser or what?

First I went to our local restaurant supply and got plenty of mussels, scallops, whole tiger shrimp and some squid. They have loads of fresh and frozen seafood there.

Anyway I decided to go for colorful, so I made three colored fettuccine. For a sauce I made by Thai basil sauce that seems to go so well with darn near anything. I picked some of my red basil from out back — it grows so well here!

But the really tricky bit was timing. The party was over a half hour away, and so I would need to reheat. But reheating pasta and seafood is tough because they both get overcooked so easily. I slightly undercooked them both and hoped for the best.

When at the party I could not let this get served undercooked, but by the time it gets fully hot it’s pretty much cooked already, so the timing needs precision. I think it came out ever so slightly overcooked, but the people seemed to like it a lot. One giant dish was eaten by about 20 people there and it was a great success.

Hor Mok with Bai Yor

I got Bai Yor (ใบยอ) or Great Morinda Leaves (Noni) from my local Thai grocery in Deerfield Beach yesterday. I don’t often see it, so I was eager to buy a bunch.

I started thinking about menus using Bai Yor so I can use as much as possible. First I made it with fish curry and it came out great. Next I decided to make this Hor Mok (Spicy steamed fish cake) with wild Alaskan salmon.


Hor Mok

I wish you could taste it, or smell it. The slighty bitter taste in the leaves is a perfect match for strong flavors like this wild salmon.


How lucky I am to live in a place where this can grow. Still I don’t see it in the Thai grocery often. Maybe everyone buys it all when they see it like I did!

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