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Butter pound cake w/ afternoon tea

What a great day! Just make butter pound cake to serve my friends with homemade Thai tea lemonade drink. I think it’s perfect for summer afternoon snack.


My chocolate cupcake w/raspberry cream cheese frosting

This week I feel like want to eat anything chocolate so I made a bunch of chocolate cupcakes. I don’t want to make regular chocolate cake so I experiment with ganache filling and add rum in there…even better…
I don’t want chocolate cupcake so I come up with raspberry cream cheese frosting from real raspberry I got from grocery…. voila!!!


Lemongrass Drink II

This is how you make this delicious and nutritious beverage. Just put finely chopped lemongrass leaves and stalks put into the mixer to make concentrated juice.

Strain it through cheesecloth into a pot. Then after you’ve squeezed as much of the juice out as you can, tie shut into a ball, like this:


Then put into the pot that already has the squeezed lemongrass juice and water brought to a boil. This will make the flavor even more wonderful. Your juice will become delicious and fragrant – the ultimate fresh lemongrass drink!!


Grass Jelly with JackFruit

I’m so happy today because I’m going to eat this Thai dessert called grass jelly/herbal jelly “Chao Guay” (เฉาก๊วย) Just the thing after a long, busy day today in South Florida. Chao Guay is a jelly-like dessert and popular in South East Asia especially in Thailand.  Jackfruit  ขนุน (pronounced as “Ka Noon” in Thai)  is a popular fruit in South East Asia also.

I was so lucky to get this jackfruit variety from a friend in Miami this week. She told me that she smuggled this variety from Thailand years ago – ha ha ha… And now her tree is loaded with giant jackfruits the size of soccer balls.

Grass Jelly w/ Jackfruit Jampa variety

Grass Jelly w/ Jackfruit Jampa variety

My mom and I have the same habit – we like to put our own twist on traditional foods. Like today, I added jackfruit “Jampa” (ขนุนจําปา) in there. It’s very hard to find this Jampa variety even in Thailand! We call it “Jack Fruit Jampa” because it has yellow-orange color just like Jampa flower’s color. It tastes sweeter than regular Jackfruit variety.

I heard it is easy to grow Jackfruit trees here in South FL, so I kept the seeds to give my friends to grow this Summer. Hope we can eat this jackfruit more and more in the coming years ^^

Jackfruit tree with fruits

Jackfruit tree with fruits

Thai Tea ชาเย็น

I like to start my afternoon with this refreshing Thai Tea (Cha-Yen) ชาเย็น with condense milk or fresh milk. For today’s version, I made bubble tea drinks out of it…yummy!

Thai Tea with bubbles

Thai Tea with bubbles


Next time, I think I will make Thai iced coffee with milk and bubbles. It’s easy to make. Just buy Thai Tea leaves from Asian grocery and let them steep in boiling water, then add sugar to taste.

Homemade carrot cake

Homemade carrot cake with roaste walnut

Homemade carrot cake with roaste walnut

Anyone wants our freshly baked homemade carrot cake with roasted walnut? This is one of our favorite cakes that we never tried of it. Let’s have a bite!

Banana in Coconut Milk กล้วยบวชชี

Banana in coconut milk
Banana in coconut milk

Banana in coconut milk

It’s hard to find the almost ripe bananas that are just perfect for making this banana in coconut milk dish.

It’s called Gluay Buat Chee (กล้วยบวชชี) in Thai. Gluay means banana. Buat means ordain, Chee means nun. Literally it means banana becomes ordained when it’s soaked in coconut milk, like a Thai nun wearing white robes.

To make this delicious kind of dessert, the variety of banana is very important. When I can get Gluay Nam Wa (Cultivated Banana) กล้วยน้ำว้า  this particular banana at the Thai grocery, I don’t miss the opportunity to make this dessert. There are many variety of banana in Thailand and Gluay Nam Wa is the perfect kind for this dessert.

You want to use the unripe one so it won’t get too soft. It should still have a little firmness so you can chew it and the texture makes this dessert more pleasant.

Glauy Nam Wa

Thai Banana - Glauy Nam Wa

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