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Spicy fun Thai cooking class in Ft. Lauderdale

Patti teaching Thai Cooking Class

Patti teaching Thai Cooking Class

Held a great cooking class at Oakland Park, in Broward last Thursday. Thanks to Chef Jean Peirre – he’s a great chef and always a good entertainer… He really brightens up the room.

This class was less noisy, a good crowd with very attentive and interested students. I saw some students taking notes, capturing every detail of what I explained.

Luckily I was be able to get Kaprao, better known as Holy basil. It’s peppery, and gives a spicy flavor to the dish; perfect for drunken noodles.

Salmon came out perfect! This was the best dish of the night. At least 3 people came to tell me that they like my Choo Chee curry salmon dish so much, even though they said they don’t like salmon.

Now that’s what I call a spicy success!

Thai Cooking Class on April 21st, Ft. Lauderdale

Thai cooking class on April 21 at Ft. Lauderdale

I’m going to do another Ft. Lauderdale Thai cooking class next week. The last one was fun and successful, so I’m returning to Chef Jean-Pierre’s cooking studio in Fort Lauderdale with yet another Thai curry.

Come see us next week for the next installment on April 21st. I’m so excited to share a new recipe for “Choo Chee Curry” and one of my old favorite recipes for Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles) People usually love both of these classic Thai dishes, so I’m pretty confident about how it’s gonna turn out 🙂

Here’s the menu:

– Som Tam ( Papaya Salad)

Choo Chee Curry with salmon

– Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle)

– Thai Tea

There are still some seats available, you can sign up here here >>


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