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Detox with Fresh lemongrass drink!!

Today when I woke up my head felt foggy. I didn’t feel refreshed from my sleep at all. I need time to get myself ready for my Thai cooking class tomorrow. Suddenly a great idea came up when I saw my lemongrass plants. I started growing them this Spring and now there is so much lemongrass!

Fresh lemongrass drink

Fresh lemongrass drink

Lemongrass grows very well during summer here in South Florida because they love lots of sunlight and water. I got these plants from a wonderful friend here in South Florida.

☆ น้ำตะไคร้สด (fresh lemongrass drink) ☆

Prep time: 15 mins | 4 servings


  • 4 stalks  lemongrass
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 5 cups water

1. Wash lemongrass and thinly sliced stalks
2. Add 2 cups of water and all sliced lemongrass mixed well in the mixer
3. Squeeze lemongrass juice and boil in the pot, then add the rest of water until boiled
4. Season with honey. You add more honey if you want to.
5. Served with crushed ice.

Making of freshly squeezed lemongrass drink

Making of freshly squeezed lemongrass drink

Let’s make Tom Yum Goong for cold nights

Tom Yum Goong ingredients

Tom Yum Goong is one of the most popular Thai soups. I really like Tom Yum Goong because it includes all the flavor components that I like – sour, spicy, and a little bit salty. We usually make this with prawns, but you can use any kind of seafood or chicken really.

This is one of recipes that gets requested the most, from my Japanese friends when I was in Japan, and from local friends here in South Florida now, so I put it in my Thai cooking class last week.

All the ingredients used in this soup are good for you and have many health benefits.

  • Kaffir lime leaf  or “Makrut” (มะกรูด) in Thai has benefits for blood, helps increase the circulation
  • Lemongrass or “Takrai” (ตะไคร้)- has benefits for digestive system, helps boost immune system, reduces uric acid, detoxify the liver and pancreas
  • Galangal or “Kha” (ข่า) in Thai helps promote better blood circulation, protect against risk of cancers, stop motion sickness/sea sick, cure hiccups, cold, diarrhea and more

My family likes to eat Tom Yum Goong with white rice, but I like to cook with noodles sometimes. When you make Tom Yum Goong, you can use the same ingredients to make Tom Kha Kai also. Stay tuned 🙂

Tom Yum Goong - sour & spicy soup with prawn

Tom Yum Goong - sour & spicy soup with prawn

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