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Living vegan in Bangkok

Half Boiled egg, multi grain bread, salad, dragon fruit

Healthy breakfast

Just woke up with hungry stomache, I started my day with easy vegan breakfast with boiled egg, multigrain bread, fresh green leave salad, dragon fruit and yummy Vietnamese coffee I brought from Saigon trip. Bon Appetite.

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Khao Soy Noodle Soup ข้าวซอย

I haven’t been updating blog after all busy life in overseas. Recently I had visited Northern part of Thailand and tasted all good food up there.

This trip inspired me to make Kaw Soy this delicious dish at home.

    Ingredients (4 servings)
  • chicken breast 1 lb.
  • red curry 1 cup
  • The Spices:
  • roasted coriander seed 1 tbsp
  • cumin 2 tsp
  • roasted fresh ginger 1 tbsp
  • cardamon
  • 4 roasted cloves
  • curry powder
  • coconut milk 1 can
  • mushroom soy sauce 2-3 tbsp
  • palm sugar 2 tbsp
  • pickled chinese bastard 1 cup
  • sliced onion 1/3 cup
  • green onion
  • cilantro
  • lime
  • Egg
  • Soy sauce
  • Sugar
  • IMG_0732


    1. Roast all spice until aroma and put together with red curry in mortar (food processor) and pound them until smooth. This creates aromatic of strong smell fat and and water emulsion and flavorful compound from all spice which food processor can’t do it.

    2. Heat oil in large pan and put add all red curry and spiced paste and stir constantly until fragrant and add coconut milk

    3. Then add chicken and simmer until all meat are cooked.

    4. Season with soy sauce and lime to taste. Bon Appetite 🙂

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    Butter pound cake w/ afternoon tea

    What a great day! Just make butter pound cake to serve my friends with homemade Thai tea lemonade drink. I think it’s perfect for summer afternoon snack.


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    My chocolate cupcake w/raspberry cream cheese frosting

    This week I feel like want to eat anything chocolate so I made a bunch of chocolate cupcakes. I don’t want to make regular chocolate cake so I experiment with ganache filling and add rum in there…even better…
    I don’t want chocolate cupcake so I come up with raspberry cream cheese frosting from real raspberry I got from grocery…. voila!!!



    Thai cooking class in Miami Beach

    Terrific Thai Cooking Class in Miami Beach – here’s a shot of our red curry with beef!

    Last week we returned to Miami Beach for another Thai cooking class. All hungers were satisfied as we cooked up batches of green and red curries, ginger chicken, tom yum goong, and Thai iced tea to wash it all down with.

    If you’re looking for a private cooking class, contact me and let me know what kind of menu you’d like to learn. Be sure to be hungry when I arrive too, as we don’t take any food home!

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    Fried fish with fishsauce ปลาทอดนํ้าปลา

    Today I made the classic dish “Pla Tod Nam Pla”, ปลาทอดนํ้าปลา – it’s a fried fish with fish sauce. It’s very simple to make and tastes delicious. I’m so satisfied.


    How easy is this recipe?
    1. Heat the pan and add 2 cups of vegetable oil.
    2. Put flour in the bag and season the flour with white pepper.
    3. Lightly coat the fish with flour and shake off the excess flour.
    4. Pan fry until golden brown, then remove to the plate.
    5. Mix 1 tablespoon of fish sauce with a pinch of sugar and 1 tablespoon of leftover oil from frying the fish. Then pour it over the fried fish and serve with rice!


    Thai Food Feast for a Family Buffet

    During the recent holidays we visited relatives, like so many people do. While there we decided to make a big Thai feast to celebrate Dad’s birthday! So we gathered piles of fresh and frozen ingredients, and planned a buffet supper supreme!

    I started out with that staple that pleases everyone, Pad Thai noodles. I made a batch with gorgeous large tiger shrimps, and it came out wonderful. I also put some sliced chicken in it, for anyone who didn’t want to eat shrimp.

    Thai food feast

    Green Curry was the next dish. Actually I cooked this dish first, since I only need to let it sit over low heat until everything else is ready to go. I cooked a mild batch with chicken and made rice to eat with it. I used a different brand of green curry sauce than my usual Maesri brand, and I was not as happy with the resulting color and thickness.

    Also shown is mapo tofu, which I love to make for parties because it’s just so easy to make, and seems to be a great hit every time.

    Yum Woonsen was next, one of my favorites for any occasion. I used more of those tiger shrimps, since they looked so nice and we had plenty. This was probably the least popular with the guests, who were not real Thai culinary veterans.

    And then there was the crowd pleaser, gyoza – homemade pork dumplings. It’s so fun to learn how to make dumplings with family members sitting around a table pinching, stuffing and pleating these little treats. Our gyoza (dumplings) came out wonderfully!

    Everyone had plenty of food, loads of compliments for the chef (yours truly) and to top it all off, we had leftovers to enjoy the next day! Who could ask for more?

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    Spicy Mixed Seafood Pasta

    Had to come up with something special for a “foodie” party last week, and this was the result. Tri-color fettuccine with loads of fresh mixed seafood. It was a hit. I mean, check it out below — does this look like a party pleaser or what?

    First I went to our local restaurant supply and got plenty of mussels, scallops, whole tiger shrimp and some squid. They have loads of fresh and frozen seafood there.

    Anyway I decided to go for colorful, so I made three colored fettuccine. For a sauce I made by Thai basil sauce that seems to go so well with darn near anything. I picked some of my red basil from out back — it grows so well here!

    But the really tricky bit was timing. The party was over a half hour away, and so I would need to reheat. But reheating pasta and seafood is tough because they both get overcooked so easily. I slightly undercooked them both and hoped for the best.

    When at the party I could not let this get served undercooked, but by the time it gets fully hot it’s pretty much cooked already, so the timing needs precision. I think it came out ever so slightly overcooked, but the people seemed to like it a lot. One giant dish was eaten by about 20 people there and it was a great success.

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    Hor Mok with Bai Yor

    I got Bai Yor (ใบยอ) or Great Morinda Leaves (Noni) from my local Thai grocery in Deerfield Beach yesterday. I don’t often see it, so I was eager to buy a bunch.

    I started thinking about menus using Bai Yor so I can use as much as possible. First I made it with fish curry and it came out great. Next I decided to make this Hor Mok (Spicy steamed fish cake) with wild Alaskan salmon.


    Hor Mok

    I wish you could taste it, or smell it. The slighty bitter taste in the leaves is a perfect match for strong flavors like this wild salmon.


    How lucky I am to live in a place where this can grow. Still I don’t see it in the Thai grocery often. Maybe everyone buys it all when they see it like I did!

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    Pictures from Thai Meetup @Thai Delight

    We really had a great time with good food and friends from South Florida Thai Meetup group.

    We started the meal with complimentary appetizer platter: Spring roll and curry puff served with sweet chili sauce and vinaigrette cucumber sauce

    Thai appetizer platter

    I enjoyed eating this Kantoke dinner set with my fingers. It included Namprik Ong with steamed veggies, Thai style fried chicken and sticky rice^^ Nam prik Ong is made with tomato sauce, chili, and ground pork and of course, Thai chilies.

    Kantoke style set w/Namprik Ong

    The chicken basil here is one of my favorites on the menu. We love to order this dish when we come here. Don’t forget to order it with sunny side up egg. It’s the BEST!

    Delicious ground chicken basil w/egg

    I never tried the Seafood Delight dish, but it looks delicious filled with seafood and veggies. Looks very tempting indeed; I just might try it next time I go there.

    Seafood Delight ^^