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Stir-fry morning glory (Pad Phak Boong)

Sometime it’s hard to find Phak Boong, “Morning Glory” in the Asian groceries in South Florida. But Phak Boong (Morning glory) is so easy to grow, and it quickly spreads it long creepy stems. It’s a common local vegetable in many parts of Thailand. Today I want to introduce an easy Thai stir-fry morning glory […]

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Thai Tropical Summer Sandwich!

I’d like to suggest an easy, light meal that I just tried today, “Thai Tropical Summer Sandwich” with mango, salmon and shrimp. You can put whatever ingredients you like in this sandwich. This is just simple and delicious even without sauce. You can use hoisin sauce, or spring roll sauce if you like. Prep time: […]


Tokyo Blue in Fort Lauderdale, FL

We heard there was a hot new place to eat in Fort Lauderdale called Tokyo Blue, and this week we got a chance to try it out. Their menu contains a large variety of Thai dishes including soups, entrees, and desserts. We tried a bunch! Executive Chef Mai runs the kitchen here, and oversees everything […]

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Wild Alaskan Salmon Red Curry

Wild alaskan salmon in Thai red curry sauce with thai eggplants, bell peppers, kaffir lime leaves, thai fresh basil leaves and krachai (fingerroots) . Not only food was delicious, but all these thai herbs are good for your health. I used soy milk to make curry sauce, but you can use You can use coconut […]