About Patti

Patti teaching Thai Cooking Class

Patti teaching Thai Cooking Class

Patti is a Thai native who lived there until she graduated from top university in Bangkok. Now she lives in South Florida, but retains her love of Thai cuisine. She is definitely a lifelong foodie who just adores Thai food. That’s not so unusual for a girl from the land of smiles, but Patti makes food a central part of her life!

Patti holds Thai cooking classes on occasion as well, both in group settings and privately. Stay tuned for more info about a regular location for her classes.

She’s the founder of the South Florida Thai Lovers Meetup group and ogranizes Thai tweetups form time to time. The meetups are social get-togethers for Thai food lovers! They are always fun, and always held at Patti-approved Thai restaurants in South Florida.

Sometimes they are small groups who can all sit at one big table and interact over the meal. And sometimes they’re much, much larger groups – less intimate but with more of a networking feel. But the one ingredient that never changes is FUN!!!

And we would be remiss not to mention Patti’s homemade Mango Pad Thai sauce. In South Florida there are plenty of mangos, and it’s a traditional Thai flavor, so Patti experimented over and over until she finally got the perfect balance. It has a tangy mango flavor, augmenting the tamarind base flavor. And of course the natural sweetness of the mango is a nice change of pace from the usual palm sugar.